Classically Styled Curved Solarium




Our classically styled Curved Eave Solarium was designed for maximum visibility. The classic curve style of this solarium allows you to expand your home with the perfect peace of mind that comes from owning the home addition that made Four Seasons famous for quality and integrity.

The installation shown here is on a traditional base wall that anchors the unit to the existing home. This solarium is available in bronze, white and sand tone and is famous for its low profile aluminum extrusions that allow a maximum expanse of glass. Its curved glass insures no cross mullions to obstruct your view. Used in many applications, our system 4 Curved Eave Sunroom is very popular as an addition to an existing family room or kitchen. Rather than build a whole new room why not make an existing room bigger?


Model:System 4 Sun and Stars Curved Eave Solarium

Easy Living System 4 Sun & Stars