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Wouldn't it be great to add a room addition such as a home office, kitchen extension, breakfast nook, family room, playroom, exercise room or even a game room!

But where do you start with such a large project? Or have you already discovered the reality of the expense, time and difficulty of adding a room to your home? In our extensive experience, customers who consider a room addition routinely tell us of the following problems:
  • Cost is excessive
  • Initial design ideas are rarely implemented to satisfaction
  • Time frame is much longer than anticipated
  • Extensive demolition and unanticipated re-modeling is required on existing structure
  • Daily routine is upset for months and months on end

So, what’s the alternative?

Whatever the reason you require extra living space, a sunroom addition is a unique alternative to a conventionally built room addition. Just like a room addition, a sunroom addition is designed to blend seamlessly into your existing home, with a roof that will match your existing residence and doors and windows that blend beautifully. Options include custom built cabinets and book cases, bench seats for extra storage, built-in fireplaces and recessed lighting.

You can accomplish all of the benefits of a traditional room addition at significantly less cost, and in much less time. Not only is a sunroom a great investment; your new addition will quickly become the most used room in the house! A sunroom addition offers benefits such as:
  • Unexpected low price, through increased efficiencies in labor costs, lower material expenses, and reduced permitting and design fee
  • Savings in time, as the process is installation not construction (sunrooms are manufactured to your individual specifications and delivered to your home)
  • Minimal disruption, eliminating the debris, dust, etc. of conventional construction
  • Best of all, a sunroom won't require substantial modifications to your home
When comparing the alternatives, a sunroom addition contains all the features of a typical room addition, but with a host of extra benefits - and all for the price of a monthly car payment.

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