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Conservatory rooms are rooms which let in light because they are created using panels of glass. These sun-rich rooms add value to a home and create years of enjoyment for your whole family. These additions generally feature a base, a door to the outdoors, and a roof to make these rooms appear like small houses or sheds. When it comes to conservatories, Ambiance Additions can offer you:

  • Conservatories Personalized service. We at Ambiance Additions work individually with every client to ensure complete satisfaction and in order to create additions that look perfect with every home. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff simply won’t rest until your addition is exactly what your heart desires.

  • Quality. At Ambiance Additions, we always use the best products, materials, and tools, because we believe in building additions that add value for years. We back our work up with warranties that protect you and your investment.

  • Great prices. Many of our clients are surprised by our prices. We create a wide range of additions, from the very affordable to the very exclusive custom-designed models. The choice is up to you, but we will work with you to create an addition within the budget you can afford.

  • Value. Our conservatories are designed to give you maximum usability and return for your investment. When you select an addition from Ambiance Additions, you are selecting an addition that will add to the selling price of your home and to your daily life value.

  • The latest technologies. We use specialty windows and glass which help ensure your complete comfort and value at home. We also offer the very latest in design innovations to ensure that your additions are as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. Whether you want the latest heating systems to enjoy your additions year round or whether you want the latest privacy windows and UV coatings, you can trust Ambiance Additions.

  • A huge selection of designs and styles. Whether you are dreaming of a Victorian conservatory or a more modern design, we can offer you exactly what you are looking for. If you can’t find your ideal addition in a catalogue, we will design and build one to your exact specifications.

  • History. The Victorian conservatory continues to be a popular addition style today and this style if steeped in History. In the 1880s, the Victorian conservatory was a must in the country’s most elegant homes, where it was often the center of social life and entertainment. This type of addition has been used by the most glamorous figures of the past and now can be easily and affordable added to your own home.

If you are considering conservatories or any other additions, call us at Ambiance Additions today. We can offer you the service and advice you need to make your home addition project regal.


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