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Sunroom Designs

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 Sunroom Designs

Sunroom designs and styles offer more today than ever before. Today, it is possible to purchase pre-fabricated designs for ready-made sunrooms which can be shipped and installed in your home. However, we at Ambiance Additions believe in sunroom designs which are custom designed to resolve your own problems with space and your home’s unique needs. Among the unique designs that Ambiance Additions has helped to create for clients over the past fifteen years are:

  • Sunroom Designs Modern. Modern sunroom designs feature simple sunroom styles which have clean lines and minimal detailing. Many people enjoy this style because it looks great with modern homes and often has a maximum amount of glass, letting more sunlight in. These designs often feature aluminum or other newer materials, meaning that these designs can be quite economical.

  • Old-fashioned. Old-fashioned designs often create sunrooms which look almost like Victorian conservatories, complete with wood detailing and lots of ornament. This sort of design looks excellent with older heritage homes and for more formal sunroom use. The results of this design will always look excellent with an older home and the results will add beauty to your home for years.

  • Partial. Some people select a design which does not create a true sunroom but which creates one or more glass windows for a room. This can be very economical and offers additional privacy. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a sunroom as well.

  • Spa sunrooms. This design is ideal for those who really want to pamper themselves. In this design, privacy and temperature are often important in order to create a room which allows for spa services year round.

  • Workout. Whether you want a games room or a workout room, this design is an excellent way to feel as though you are working out outdoors even while staying in a temperature-controlled environment.

  • Nature lovers. In this design, the sunroom is kept carefully temperature controlled in order to allow tropical animals or tropical plants to exist safely and comfortably inside the room.

Whatever your ideal sunroom designs, we at Ambiance Additions can create the sunroom plans and ideas that will solve your space problems and even add style and elegance to your home - all at prices that are more affordable than you think. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation so that we can show you the design solutions that can be ideal for your home.

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