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If you have a patio, are you using it as much as you should? If you are like most people, the answer is no. The solution may be as simple as patio covers. In our many years of experience as Southern California’s leader in sunrooms and home additions, we have found that most people radically under use their outdoor areas. Even beautiful patios do not get used in the summer, which is a shame. Something as simple as a patio cover can help you reap many advantages:

  • Patio Covers Safety. Most of us have likely heard of the dangers of UV rays. Sitting out in the sun today can simply result in burns and an increased risk of cancer. Our patio covers help keep your family safe, allowing you to spend hours on your patio, enjoying beautiful days with your family without worrying unduly about burns.

  • Health. Fresh air is something that most people today get very little of. However, fresh air is much better for you than stale air that has been push out from a vent or heating system. Also, the healing properties of fresh air and the outdoors are well documented; most of us know from experience that relaxing in fresh air outside can help soothe us and make our stress melt away. Covers for your patio can help you spend more time outdoors without risk of burn or heat exhaustion.

  • Comfort. Staying outside in the sun can lead to a great deal of discomfort and even heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Covers for your patio offer more shade than the umbrellas that come with patio furniture. Covers allow you to enjoy cooler shade temperatures and allow you to spend hours of pleasant time outdoors, even in hotter weather.

  • Hygiene and easy clean up. Covers over your patio protect your entire patio from birds, falling leaves, and many of the other types of dirt that can interfere with dining alfresco or spending time outside. Invest in a cover from Ambiance Additions and your patio will be healthier and easier to clean.

  • Value. Covers cost much less than enclosures to buy and install but last longer and offer more protection than umbrellas. Covers also add to the value of your patio and allow you to get real worth from your patio.

  • Durability. Covers last for years, especially if you select hard aluminum or plastic covers over the cloth variety.

  • Speed. Most of us lead busy lives, and these types of lifestyles do not always mean that we have the time for major renovations around the house. A cover for your patio can be installed quickly and inexpensively, often allowing you to start enjoying your patio right away.

If you are ready to live a more healthful life and start enjoying your yard again, call us at Ambiance Additions today. Our selection of patio covers and other accessories can have you enjoying the outdoors immediately.

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