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Patio Cover Design

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  Patio Cover Design

If you are thinking of patio cover design possibilities, you need to develop a patio cover plan for choosing the design that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Since there are so many patio cover options today, it is more important than ever before to select a patio cover design carefully before buying and installing your cover. A good design will save you time and money by ensuring you get a cover that suits your patio, budget, and tastes. At Ambiance Additions, our experience in patio covers and accessories tells us that there is a specific way of choosing designs:

  • Patio Cover Design Measure. Evaluate your current patio and measure its size. Decide what can be done with your patio and consider the overall shape of your patio. Does your patio need to be repaired or bolstered before an addition is added? Is your patio large enough for your needs? Where is your patio located? Is it in a sunny location which will require a heavy-duty cover to ensure shade? Remember: your whole plan rests on your current patio, so do analyze what your current patio offers.

  • Consider your needs. Every client uses their patio for something different, and you need to decide what you want to use your patio for before you select a patio cover design. Will you be spending many hours outside on your patio? Will you use your patio year round in the evenings or the daytime? Are there special considerations (for example, is there a small child in the house)? Considering your needs may make you realize that you need a specific cover or even a different patio cover entirely. When considering your cover needs, be sure to think about what you are willing to spend on a cover and installation, as well.

  • Consider your patio cover options. Some patio covers offer netting as well as a cover and some need removable cloth while others are sturdy aluminum or plastic. There are many styles and colors to choose from, as well, ranging from fancy gazebo style covers to plain awning-like square covers. Some patio cover types are smaller than others, creating patches of light on your patio. Others provide full protection from the sun.

  • Contact a professional. Once you have an idea of which designs and covers appeal to you, contact a professional who can order and install the cover securely for you. Many clients in Southern California have trusted us at Ambiance Additions for more than fifteen years. We offer free consultations to help you select your designs and we provide exceptional choices and service as well.

Selecting a patio cover design is a big decision - you will be using your cover for many years, and you will certainly want to select the design that will stand the test of time. Call us at Ambiance Additions today to learn specifically how we can help you get the right design for your home.

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patio cover design
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