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Enclosed Patio

Bug Free Living • Privacy • More Space

  Enclosed Patio

Ambiance_Additions can help turn indoor areas of your home into an oases of beauty and style. For example, our enclosed patios can transform your patio into a year-round retreat. Our patio enclosures feature many advantages, including:

  • enclosed patio Bug-free living. Many people do not use their patios because pests such as mosquitoes and flies will often get into a patio and harass the family. Patio enclosures are the perfect solution, as they provide a barrier between you and the outdoors.

  • Privacy. Enclosures provide a slightly shaded area that allows you private time with your family by creating a separate room on your property.

  • Safety. Open patios can invite night creatures such as bats and can allow family pets or young children to wander off. Enclosures over your patio help keep your patio safe. They also protect you from the West Nile virus and other illnesses that insects can carry. If you want your patio to be a haven, you need enclosures.

  • Comfort. With their roofs and protective netting or screen, patio room enclosures provide cooling shade and comfort. With enclosures, you will not be bothered by heat and insects or birds.

  • Value. Enclosures for your patio are not as expensive as you may think but can dramatically add to the value of your home by creating an additional area for your family to live.

  • Beauty. An enclosed patio can create an elegant look for your home. The patio room enclosures we sell through Ambiance Additions are designed to be attractive as well as functional. You will love spending time on your patio when it looks this attractive!

  • More space. An enclosed patio can create more space for your life by essentially creating an additional room for your family to spend time together in. Many of the clients we help at Ambiance Additions use their enclosed patios as game rooms, dining rooms, and even storage or craft rooms. Enclosures make an outdoor area into a fully functional place to live during the summer. A patio enclosure even allows you to sleep outdoors.

Call us today at Ambiance Additions to learn about the patio room enclosures that would be right for your home. We can offer you estimates and help you decide which enclosures would best help you make the most of your outdoor area. Since 1989, more clients have chosen as at Ambiance Additions to transform their patios. We would be pleased to offer you our services and allow you to get the most from your patio area.

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enclosed patio
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