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A solarium is a glass-enclosed room addition to your home which creates a room filled with light and air. This type of addition often is used like a greenhouse, being used to store plants. However, it can be used for a number of uses. The main difference between solariums and other types of additions is that a solarium often has a door to the outside, creating another entrance for your home and an additional buffer between you and the outdoors. We at Ambiance Additions have installed many of these additions in our fifteen years and we have found that this type of addition offers many advantages:

  • Solarium A place for gardening or for a retreat. Solariums are an ideal place to keep your plants so that they will get plenty of light and are an excellent way to bask in the sun without having to leave your house. Even on rainy days, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without wandering out into the wet.

  • A beautiful entrance way to your home. Many of our clients find that they use their new solarium additions to enter and leave the house. This room of the house is often so beautiful and sunny that it becomes a favorite way to step outdoors. Plus, it can be a safe place for children to play and a great place to retreat when the back yard is not useable because of weather or insects.

  • Many more options than other types of additions. This type of addition offers a roof that it solid or covered in glass, giving you the option of some shade. There are many styles of doors - from French doors, glass doors, and sliding doors to select from. You can also select old-fashioned designs as well as more modern styles of solariums. The many options make it easy for you to find the perfect addition for your home.

  • Sophistication and elegance. This type of addition tends to look more elegant and stylish - even with showcase heritage homes. The elegant outdoor doors and the beautiful peaked or gabled roof adds beauty to any home and yard.

  • Value. This type of addition can in some cases add thousands of dollars of value to the selling price of a home.

If you are considering a solarium for your home, contact us at Ambiance Additions for a catalogue, consultation and free estimate. We are proud to be the leaders in additions in Southern California and we are proud to be able to offer our clients exceptional service and outstanding additions to their homes.

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